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Translator's (service provider's) Testimonials

Muhammad Essam

It is an absolute pleasure to work closely with Jignya. I would be delighted to work again with you.

Andrea Muresan

Great company! Great payment terms! Perfect communication and very nice projects! Thank you

Stéphanie Ndewe

Very Good Company!


It was great working with Language Aide. They also made a payment in time. I would love to work with them again!

Lucia Vargas

Clear terms and payment on time.


It is a good company with professional and cooperative staff. they make payment on time. I would surely like to work with them again.

Muhammad Essam

A great company to work with. Payment on time. Jignya is very professional and cooperative. I hope to work with you again and again.

Halyna Maksymiv

Good cooperation experience and fair rates. Nice company to work with.

Mohammad Ali Omrani

Meraj is a professional and friendly PM. I would definitely work with this agency again.

Secy Eric

A great company to work with! Thanks I hope to work with you soon.


Very professional team. Nice to work with.


Fantastic PM and team to work with. I have been working for Language Aide for quite some time now and it has been a pleasure. Would certainly work again.

Lucia Vargas

A pleasure to work with such a friendly, polite and professional team.

Mieke Damayanti

Friendly PM and prompt payment. I'd be happy to work again with them.

Pranati Parida

I will like to work with this company. They cooperate a lot and make the payment in time.

Hossam Eldin Mostafa

In the likelihood of working again, i would grade them 5 out of 5 rating, where 5 being the most likely to work with them again.

Stéphanie Ndewe

C'est un réel plaisir de travailler avec ce donneur d'ordre et je resterai toujours à leur disponibilité en cas de besoin.

Kristian Vike Pedersen

Good communication. Payment on time. It all seems fair. Hope to work with you soon again!

Mohan Kumar

Its always great to work with Miraj, always supportive and love to work again.

Zuhal Czuri

Highly recommended!

Gendisa Yuliasti

In the likelihood of working again, i would grade them 5 out of 5 rating, where 5 being the most likely to work with them again.

John Kurian

Very good company to work with. Prompt payment. Helpful project managers.


In the likelihood of working again, i would grade them 5 out of 5 rating, where 5 being the most likely to work with them again.

Shweta Kheria

Well-organized company. Payment on time. Friendly project managers.


Language Aide Pvt. Ltd. / Langauge Aide Translation & Interpreting Agency is my most reliable and preferred outsourcer and I am completely satisfied with them for their prompt payment.


It was a delight working with them. They are easily accessible, round the clock available and very quick payment. Looking forward to work again and again with u ppl!

Purnima Kundetkar

Very cooperative people. Prompt Payment.


A preferred language solution company for me and my team BHASHAEXPRESS. We have done a lot of projects of various domains successfully in Eng-Hin Language processing. Nice cooperation.

Rajanikanth Godishala

Good response and in time payment and keenly interested to work with them in future !

Bill Li

Very good client, I wish to work for it permanently.

Isabel Ureña

Prompt payments. Jignya is very supportive and kind! Looking forward to receiving more projects from them!

Yunas Halim

A superb agency to work with. All the PMs are very nice and helpful.


In the likelihood of working again, i would grade them 5 out of 5 rating, where 5 being the most likely to work with them again.

Dipali Sharma

Very professionally managed, competitive rate, project managers are very helpful and above all payment is on time.


Good Agency to work with! Jignya Ji is very supportive and professional. I would love to work with her again.


Good agency. They always pay for the job done.

Raveendranathan R

One of the best indian service provider. Would like to work with Jignya again.

Ahmed A Selim

Very good Company and Payment done on time, That's why I never stop working with them! Thanks to jignya. She is kind, Cooperative and flexible.

Farzad Akmali

I have worked with Meraj and Jignya on several projects. Nice jobs and on-time payments with great follow-ups; That's why I never stop working with them!

Esperanza Fernández-García

Meraj is a great PM and payments are done efficiently :D Always nice to work with them!

Ashutosh Mitra

Very organized and agency, prompt paymasters and efficient staff specially MERAJji


Good agency. Prompt payers. Vivek and Jignya are vey supportive!

Andrea Muresan

All my respect for this incredible team! I've hardly met someone like them! Great in all aspects! Payments???? Just a matter of minutes from the delivery :) Thanks a lot

Dmitriy Vysotskyy

Only one but definitely positive experience. Good and professional manner of interaction. Vivek is a really nice person to communicate with.

Pawan Arora

Good attitude of employee and most important payment on time. Quick response of queries. Really Professional attitude.


I have associated with Language Aide in connection with several translation assignments involving English and Malayalam languages and it is a very nice firm to associate with.

Satish Patra

It is a Good company, receiving payment on time. Wish to work again and again.

Juan Chen

Always friendly, nice working with, good partner.

Ragland Inbaraj

The Project Manager of Language Aide, Ms.Jignya Das is very efficient in handling projects, deadlines, cooperative with the translator and also a trustworthy person.

William A McNab

Very pleasant working with Jignya. I look forward to collaborating with her again.

Louise Pedersen

Great company. Have worked with them a few times with different projects managers. Always pays and very friendly.

Anahit Tahmasyan Bal

Though connected with some technical problems I received my payment a bit later as promised, I would like to work with Language Aide again. Jignya is very helpful and ready to answer to all questions.

Ragland Inbaraj .R

I am very satisfied to work with Language Aide. The staff's professionalism and timely payment is beyond comparison.


Very conscious of quality agency

Rosanna Saraceno,

Dear Vivek, thank you for your positive comment on my profile page! I enjoyed working with you very much and I hope there will be another occasion for collaboration in the future! Regards, Rosanna.


Mr. Vivek is extremely helpful, project was very interesting and I was paid as agreed. It has been a pleasure working with this outsourcer.

Adelina Chernaeva,

Very reliable employer in all terms of the word

Lise Leavitt

Agree with you Stig! I have been working on a project with Vivek for 5 months now, he is very communicative & willing to help you as best he can. I have no doubts re. his honesty. Good job Vivek!!:)

Stig Jensen

I enjoyed working for Vivek. Good communication throughout the process. Although I was paid late, I trust his explanation (client problem, documented w/their correspondence) and trust his honesty.

Sabina La Habana Reyes

I've worked in several occasions for this agency; very polite treat and support every time I needed help. Looking forward to working again with the company!

Josée Bayeur

I enjoyed working on this interesting project very much and Vivek Raj is always there if you have questions. Great communication! I look forward to working for him again.

Sharad Kanchan

Very prompt and on the time payment. very co-operative and supportive while undertaking the translation work.

Aitor Aizpuru

It was a pleasure to work for you, I hope we will work again.


It was a real pleasure to work with Language Aide; I would be delighted to work again with this outsourcer.


I have been associated with Language Aide Pvt Ltd, India as a Kannada linguist , translator and proof reader since an year,handled many jobs for them.Their working terms comfortable payments prompt.


Have been working for about last 3 years with this agency. Pre-planned and systematic approach towards assignments and timely payments are what make this agency favoured.

Ramesh Shanmugam

Prompt Payment and clear instructions.


It is a pleasure to work with a nice team like this. Vivek is always in touch, always replies to emails, doubst. Prompt payments. Really looking forward to working with them again.

Henrik Carbonnier

Despite some complications arising as regards the project, Language Aide acted professionally and with understanding. I was kept informed of developments and would definitely work with them again.

Else Wille

I enjoyed working with Vivek Raj. He was very professional and communication between us was great. I would definitely work with him again. Invoice was also paid on time.

Nina Iordache

I have worked for this company and personally communicated with its CEO in order to perform my work in a best manner and am completely satisfied with the openness of this employer. Thank you, Vivek!

Magnus Ølmheim

Vivek was a very nice guy, and I recommend both him and his company to other translators. Quick payment as well, which is always nice..

Nitin Goyal

Working with Sweta was a pleasure. Very friendly and reasonable.

Mandeep Singh

These people are the best to work with.

Marnen Laibow-Koser

Vivek was nice to work with, and paid me quickly through PayPal.

Olivia Monteiro

It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to repeat it again in the near future. I wish you all the best and once again I thank you for this opportunity.

Myriam Dupouy

Great communication

Mike Brady

Very efficient. Always replies to emails and pays promptly. Would be delighted to work with Vivek again.

Karg Tanja

The people at Language Aide are very friendly and professional. My invoices have always been paid in due time. I will definitely continue to work with them in the future.

Abhishek S

Very prompt outsourcer...both in terms of payment and work...has a good reputation among translator fraternity. Working with LA is a pleasure.


Communication was optimal, payment was timely.

Jaswinder Singh

Good people to work with. Young & enthusiastic and yet enterprising.

Balakrishna Vardhanapue

Language Aide is an agency of thorough professionality. They keep Freelancer in a comfortable position by giving flexible deadlines and they interact with Freelancers. Of course promt payers. Thats it


I have worked for this client for about half a year. They ALWAYS pay, I trust them, and I would be delighted to work for them in future. Vivek Raj is a person you can rely on.

Cinzia Marcelli

Very nice and professional. Good communication skills.

Patrizia Zotti

Nice people to work with. I'll be happy to work with them again.

María Cristina Valderrama Fernández

Very friendly people, provide clear information to translators about the projects, rates, etc. And they are fast payers too.

Fanny Battinger

A very friendly and human agency which cares about its translators. Provides interesting jobs.

Silvia Hernandez

Very friendly staff, interesting projects.

Adelina Chernaeva

Very straight outsourcer,keeps constant contact with its translators.

Graciela Lucero Arrúa

Muy serios y cumplidores. Excelente comunicación durante el progreso del proyecto.


Excellent human quality and responsible at payment.

Jonathan Spector

Good communication skills. Even when there are problems they don't disappear. I hope to receive more work from them.


Thanks Shipra! She too is very friendly, good understanding, and flexible.

Laura Bordignon

They are at their first steps but they're extremely kind and professional.

Laura Richichi

They pay me with an incredible delay.. i woul like to work with them again only if they change the rate:now they are too low.

Dominique Fiedler

I found it easy to work with you. Understanding as to possible need to change deadline. Very friendly and immediate response!

Elisa Binotto

Very friendly, good communication, clear instructions. I would definitely work for them again.

Ravishankar Govindraj

Honest, is aware of freelancers' problems.

Harald Kastler

Friendly and nice to work with.

Pinaki Talukdar

Very nice people to work with.


They are very professional.

Dev Pandey



Very friendly atmosphere